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Creating fast, dependable, and modern websites one line of code at a time.

Hi, I'm Ryan Furrer. I'm a Web Developer looking for my first job in the field.

Web Development has become a passion of mine only recently, though I have always been interested in it. When I am not working or coding I like to read, arrange music, and more.

Ryan Furrer


Below are a few of my projects built with various technologies, but all rooted in being modern, accessible, and using the best practices known to me at the time of building. Each project contains a link to the live site and code, which is hosted on GitHub and deployed via Netlify. These projects feature the following technologies and tools:

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • SASS

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • SEO

  • Git

  • GitHub

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The RF Blog

This is my third iteration of my blog; I previously called it "Coding Catchup," however, in an effort to build a personal brand and create synergy between my portfolio, newsletter, and blog, I've renamed it accordingly.

I reserached many options for building my own blog as I wanted it to closely resemble my portfolio and settled on Stackbit for various reasons you can read more on here.

You can check out the live site below and if you'd like to subscribe to my newsletter to know when future posts are published I'd love to have you join!

Open Source Contributions

While I have only begun contributing to open-sources projects recently, it has truly invigorated me to do more of it! I'll update this list as I add more contributions to it.